Who is Allison Dore?”

Funny, smart, and curious, Allison Dore is a public speaker, writer, radio personality, and comedian. She can confidently label herself as a “Professional Talker”.

As a Professional Talker, she has been connecting with audiences whether on stage, in front of a camera, or behind a microphone for over 15 years. Breaking the barriers of comedy stereotypes, Allison has an authenticity and pathological honesty that allows her to focus on her audience in a more personal way. She doesn’t pretend to be anything she isn’t, and she doesn’t pretend to know things she doesn’t.

Allison got started in her career as an actor when she was a teenager. Her older brother started doing standup, and he thought it was a natural fit for her. After three years of “encouragement” (read: nagging), Allison did her first set. She never looked back.

As a speaker she is able to connect with audiences on a personal level because of her authenticity and willingness to be so open about her life experiences. She has dealt with depression and drug addiction and she helps audiences embrace all of their wonderfully fabulous flaws by finding the hope in every situation.

Allison is known for her empathetic and active ear as an interviewer and can be heard regularly as co-host of The Ward and Al Show on Sirius XM Radio and on her weekly podcast Allison in Conversation.

As a host (and book lover) Allison was honoured to emcee the 2015 Arthur Ellis Awards for the Crime Writers of Canada. She also gives back by donating her time to host events for charities such as Dress For Success and the BluMatter Project.