Picture by Lisa McIntosh - Allison Dore

Picture by Lisa McIntosh - www.lisamacintoshphotography.ca/ask

Born in Ottawa, Ontario Allison Dore started her career in the entertainment industry as an actor. It wasn’t until her older brother, renowned comedian Jon Dore, encouraged her to try stand-up that she got introduced to the world of comedy. Years later, down a long and winding road, it lead her to SiriusXM Canada as a talk show host.

It was here where Allison found her true passion in interviewing people and sharing their stories. Currently, Allison hosts the popular SiriusXM Canada Talks (ch. 167) show The Breakdown airing LIVE weekdays from 2-5pm ET. She is also the host and curator of Allison Dore’s BroadCast on Just For Laughs Canada (Ch. 168) celebrating women in comedy all over the world. The show airs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM EST.

After falling in love with long form interviews, she launched her podcast Digging In, an hour long, in depth conversation with artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a story to tell.

In September 2018, Allison founded Howl & Roar Records, a female centric comedy record label. 80% of the label’s focus is creating content with women in comedy, leaving space to work with anyone who needs support in the industry. The goal is to empower artists and amplify voices not always being heard in entertainment. Allison is a highly coveted speaker and host and shares her story of battling mental illness and addiction in order to bring hope to those who are currently struggling.

Keynote Topics

Reality bites: The realities of making a living as an artist/entertainer

We all grow up answering the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” But sometimes you choose a career path that has people asking you that question into adulthood. Choosing to make a living as an artist/entertainer is a tough but rewarding career path. It’s a lifestyle choice that many “non-artsy” types don’t understand. The real challenge is making sure you plan ahead and keep a realistic and non-cynical eye on the choice you make along the way.

Climbing your own barriers: Fighting back against depression and mental illness

While the discussion about depression and mental illness has become a public one, there are many people who struggle to deal with these issues on their own. Allison has struggled with depression and drug addiction and understands the constant battle to choose between two mindsets on a daily basis. She knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom and get up again, and she will share her story of her struggles and how she decided to fight back against what she thought were her own limitations.